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  • Workers managing the conveyor belt in a packaging facility, industrial automation, machine control, original equipment manufacturer.

    Compact and scalable conveying zone control

Стандартний текст заміщення

Your business issues are unique.

To keep customers satisfied, you need to supply safer machines that are more flexible, connected and efficient, at a reduced cost and with shorter lead-times. Tested, Validated and Documented Architectures (TVDAs) can help you quickly build an automation solution, from machine design and engineering, to installation and documentation. Reduce the time needed for design, installation, and commissioning with these flexible, functionally validated, ready-to-use architectures.

Our experts help you throughout the entire machine life cycle.

Ілюстрація, рішення для життєвого циклу машин, промислове виробництво, керування машинами.
  • Solutions

    The Compact / Hardwired / Logic Controller M241 TVDA solution is designed for advanced zone control with high performance, requiring coordinated motion with variable-speed drives, and up to two synchronized servo axes using PTO technology. The servo drives can also optionally operate in torque control or speed/positioning modes. The system includes safety for emergency stop and device stop, while safe torque off (STO) technology is used at the device level. The embedded Ethernet WebVisu functionality allows user-defined HTML-5 web pages to be designed within SoMachine for a web-based, platform-neutral visualization.
  • Value Proposition

    • Advanced, high-performance zone control architecture.
    • Scalable and flexible systems for creating economical solutions.
    • Openness and flexibility with various connectivity options.
    • Ready-to-use architectures with preconfigured PLC and HMI project templates.
    • Comprehensive system documentation with component list and wiring diagrams.
    • Device ModulesTM for quick and easy system adaptation.
    • One software package to set up and maintain the entire system.
    • Embedded visualization functions featuring platform-neutral, user-defined web pages.
    • Full remote access for programming, operation, and monitoring
  • Differentiation

    • Unique TVDA solutions to minimize effort at every stage of the development process.
    • Ready-to-use architecture, with a high level of pre-fabrication, for quick design and setup of the automation system.
    • Full interoperability and high system reliability based on Schneider Electric best-in-class products and extensive functional validation of the architecture.

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