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UIUMAS log returns '...ul_applicationfile.cpp (281) Could Not Read Archive...' Error

Published date: 11 July 2019


UIUMAS log returns '...ul_applicationfile.cpp (281) could not read archive...' Error

Product Line


Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 10


If you download a Unity application using the 'UIUMas.exe' feature from the 'Unity Loader' software
with a batch file and and you also request a log file to be created, the log file could return an
error similar to the following message:

" === Fri May 24 06:36:22 2013 p:\p-unit\dev\unityloader\unityloader\ul_applicationfile.cpp (281)
could not read archive F:\UnityLoader\M340NOC.stu "

Even though this error occurs, the application will appear to have downloaded successfully and the
PLC will go into RUN mode (assuming that the users also enters the RUN command into the batch

The reason why this occurs is because there is a mismatch in the version of the application that the
'Unity Loader' gets back from the application file and the version that it uses for the Unity Loader project

Because the application downloaded successfully and the PLC is able to be placed
into RUN, the error can be ignored.

This is problem has been fixed in the next version.

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