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What are the Packet Buffer Memory sizes for the Schneider Electric Connexium Ethernet Switches?

The Packet Buffer Memory values for the Schneider Electric Connexium Ethernet Switches are below:

499NES18100: 64kByte
499NMS25101: 64kByte
499NMS25102: 64kByte
TCSESU083FN0: 128kByte
TCSESU043F1N0: 64kByte
TCSESB083F23F0: 128kByte
TCSESB083F2CU0: 128kByte
TCSESM043F1CU0: 110kByte per port
TCSESM043F23F0: 110kByte per port
TCSESM083F23F0: 110kByte per port
TCSESM083F2CU0: 110kByte per port

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