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Safety limit switches XCS - How to order the XCSZP7012 part number ?

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Find attached the picture of both part XCSZP1 magnet and XCSZP7012 detector which is not sold in spare parts. Both parts are sold under complete magnetic switch XCSDMP7012. This is the commercial reference to order to get the XCSZP7012 switch with the magnet XCSZP1, sold into the same packaging plastic bag. The following rule can be applied to all XCSDMP magnetic switches : XCSZP1 + XCSZP59* (or XCSZP79* or XCSZP50* or XCSZP70*) = XCSDMP59* (or XCSDMP79* or XCSDMP50* or XCSDMP70*) complete magnetic switch; e.g. XCSZP1 + XCSZP5012 = XCSDMP5012 commercial ref

Schneider Electric UK


XCSDMP7012.jpgXCSDMP7012.jpg [56.62 KB]

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