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What is Forced Mode and what is Test Mode in TeSys Island?

Published date: 01 July 2019

What are the different modes in TeSys Island? 

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Tesys Island

Digital multifunctional load management solution 

Test Mode is a way to manually open and close individual physical devices to test the wiring. You can use test mode from either the DTM "Diagnostics" view and "Devices" tab or through the OMT "Island" view by clicking on an individual device. When a test command is issued, you will go into test mode for the whole island. Avatars will no longer exist, the island will communicate as if it were a collection of devices. PLC communication will not be effective during this mode.

Forced Mode is a way to manually override PLC commands or status' during normal Operate state. Each Avatar has command inputs from the PLC and status outputs back to the PLC. These commands and status' are normally "unforced" but they can be forced to 0 or 1 via the DTM or OMT. When a command or status is forced, the system will enter "Forced Mode" but all other Avatar commands and status' will stay in "unforced" mode meaning they will continue to operate normally via PLC. Forced commands will stay forced through a power cycle or system restart. They will only become unforced if they are set back to "unforced" or if the user exits test mode (Exit test mode button via DTM and OMT diagnostics tabs). Forced commands will not be maintained if the system goes into Degraded mode (loss of master communication).

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