Tesys T

TeSys T is an advanced motor management and protection system. Give your motor starters a sixth sense!

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Motor management system

Tesys T
  • Features

    TeSys T comprises:
    • a controller providing main protection and control functions
    • an extension module that completes the functions of the controller by the voltage protection and monitoring
    • an LTMCU operator control unit for reading, diagnostics and modification of the parameters monitored

    Power Suite configuration software, enabling simple and user-friendly setting-up of motor starters incorporated with TeSys T.

    TeSys T incorporates a communication interface for remote supervision and control of the motor.

    Fully open, It can communicate with the most commonly used protocol networks: Ethernet, Modbus, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus DP.


    Give your motor starters a sixth sense!

    TeSys T is an advanced motor management and protection system. It is capable of preventing all their malfunctions. Impromptu stopping of a process or production associated with a motor is anticipated.
    Open to all communication protocols, TeSys T can efficiently replace all existing relays.


    Industrial installations such as:
    • Oil & gas
    • Mining and mineral
    • Water treatment
    • Metallurgy
    • Pulp & paper
    • Pharmaceutical

    Integration in intelligent Motor Control Centers applications for:
    • Pumping, ventilation, filtering
    • Compressors, mixers, crushers, conveyor systems
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