Canalis KS

Busbar trunking for medium power distribution 1000A with high tap-off densities in industrial and commercial buildings

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Busbar trunking for medium power distribution 1000A

Canalis KS
  • Features

    The Canalis KS modular and upgradeable system is a busbar trunking system for medium power distribution.

    • Length of busbar trunking components: 3m and 5m
    • Rated busbar trunking current: 100 to 1000A
    • Rated tap off units current: 25 to 400A
    • Rated insulating voltage: 690V
    • Number of active conductors: 4 + PE
    • Protection index: IP55
    • Surface treatment: white RAL 9001
    • Regulations: compliant with IEC 60439-2


    • Quick and easy to assemble: Straight-forward 
    • Light and easy to handle: Simplicity 
    • Excellent contacts and lifetime guarantee: Peace of mind
    • Easily dismantled and reusable: Recyclable


    • A fool-proofed system avoids a unit being installed or removed
    • Live parts are totally inaccessible
    • Light and easy to handle
    • Excellent contacts:a life time guarantee
    • A range of light, strong and stylish units
    • Halogen free:Canalis does not realise any fumes or toxic gases in the event of fire
    • High protection index IP 55 for all types of buildings
    • Dismantled, re-used and and entirely recyclable


    • Industrial buildings
    • Warehouse/distribution centres
    • Offices
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Supermarkets
    • Hotels
    • Data centres
    • Education
    • Hospitals
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