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Class 8536/8736 Type S NEMA Starters

Class 8536/8736 Type S NEMA Starters

Available in NEMA size 00-7

Class 8536/8736 Type S NEMA Starters
  • Features

    Class 8536 Type S magnetic starters are used for full voltage starting and stopping AC squirrel cage motors. Motor overload protection is provided by melting alloy type thermal overload relays. Class 8536 starters are available in NEMA Sizes 00-7. Type S starters are designed for operation at 600 Volts AC, 50-60 Hertz.

    Features and benefits
    • A normally open holding circuit contact for three wire control is provided as standard.
    • Sizes 00-2 contactors use a Class 9999 SX11 auxiliary contact as the holding circuit contact.
    • Sizes 3-7 contactors use a Class 9999 SX6 auxiliary contact as the holding circuit contact.
    • Class 8536 Type S Sizes 00-6 starters are provided with a melting alloy thermal overload relay as standard.
    • Interchangeable thermal units are available in standard trip (Class 20) Sizes 00-6, quick trip (Class 10) Sizes 00-4, and slow trip (Class 30) Sizes 00-3.
    • Single-phase starters use one thermal unit; 3-phase starters use three thermal units.
    • Class 8536 Size 7 starters are provided with solid state MOTOR LOGICTM which features:
      • Selectable trip Class10/20
      • Ground fault detection and Communication capabilities for future enhancement
      • Ambient insensitive and features phase loss, phase unbalance and over-current protection.
    • Solid state overload relays are available for Sizes 00 – 7 starters. These ambient insensitive overload relays provide phase loss protection, phase unbalance protection and a LED power indicator for quick detection.
    • Bimetallic overload relays are also available for Sizes 0-6. Ambient Compensated and Noncompensated versions are supplied with manual and automatic reset, trip current adjustment, and an alarm contact on Sizes 0-2.
    • Class 8536 magnetic starters are available in a wide variety of the following enclosures.
      • NEMA Type 1 General Purpose Enclosure
      • NEMA Type 3R Rainproof, Sleet Resistant for Outdoor Use
      • NEMA Type 4 & 4X Watertight and Dust tight
      • NEMA Type 4X Watertight, Dust tight, and Corrosion Resistant Glass – Polyester
      • NEMA Type 7 & 9 Bolted and Spin-Top for Hazardous Locations
      • NEMA Type 9 Bolted for Hazardous Locations
      • NEMA Type 12 Dust tight and Drip tight for Industrial Use
    • AC coils are available for application on 50-60 Hertz.
    • 600Vac and 810A continuous current rated maximum
    • NEMA Sizes 00-4 are supplied with coils that are designed to operate satisfactorily on line voltages of 85% – 110% of rated voltage
    • NEMA Sizes 5, 6 and 7 contactors are supplied with a DC coil operated by a solid state rectifier circuit that is powered by an AC source.
      For flexibility field-installable or factory modified accessories include auxiliary contacts, power poles, pneumatic timer attachments, and cover mounted control stations


    • Construction
    • Infrastructure
    • Industrial Markets
    • Commercial Office Buildings
    • Building Automation
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