Shielded Fusegear

Feeder Pillars, Fuseboards and Fuse Cabinets up to 3200 amps. Suitable for a wide variety of applications. - Feeder Pillar

LV - Shielded Fusegear

Shielded Fusegear
  • Features

    Designed to distribute electricity safely and reliably through indoor and outdoor distribution switchgear, the shielded range comprises of fuse cabinets, fuseboards and feeder pillars.

    • Offers better protection than traditional, exposed, live copperwork by screening all live conductors
    • Suitable for a wide variety of applications, tailored to meet customer requirements
    • The fuseway design fully segregates the main busbars and outgoing circuits
    • Moulded phase shrouds provide easy access to cable terminations ensuring protection from the adjacent live circuits 
    • Fuse carriers accept gU type fuse links with wedge tightening contact
    • Patented through-grip handle ensures easy manual making and breaking of contacts.
    • Manufactured and tested to ENA technical specification 37-2 issue 4


    • IPXXB protection under normal working conditions: Safe
    • Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications: Flexible
    • Proven performance in temperate and tropical climates: Durable
    • Easy to install and operate: User friendly
    • Low maintenance requirements: Cost saving


    • UK and Overseas distribution network operators
    • Residential properties
    • Commercial premises
    • Retail
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