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Zelio Relay

Simple to select, install and programme, Zelio Logic plug-in smart relays are suitable for all your applications.

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Plug-in interface & associated sub-bases

Zelio Relay
  • Features

    Zelio Smart Slim Relay RSL

    • 1 C/O contact / 6 A
    • Only 6 mm wide

    RS Interface Relay 

    • 1 or 2 C/O contacts 16 - 12 - 8 A
    • Compact size

    RXM Miniature Relay 

    • 2, 3 & 4 C/O contacts  12 - 10 - 6 A
    • Choice of terminals arrangement (mixed or separated)

    RUM Universal Relay
    • 2 & 3 C/O contacts 10 A
    • Choice of  plug type (cylindric/faston)

    RPM / RPFPower Relay
    • RPM: 1,2,3 & 4 C/O contacts 15 A
    • RPF: 2 C/O contacts or 2 NO contacts 30 A
    • For high rated current use

    RXM / RUM / RPM common functions
    • Adaptable to all common voltages, Relay state LED indication, Test button, Relay state mechanical indication, Wide sockets range (mixed or separated), accessories range.

    Solid State Relay (SSR)

    • 1NO contact, 10 Amps to 125 Amps range
    • Panel and din rail mounted options
    • Ideal for high frequency switching in temperature control applications


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    Due to its compact size, Zelio smart relay can be used to multiply the functions in electrical enclosures. Simplicity, no adjustment required for standard applications. Ease of integration in an existing device.


    Market target
    • Industrial machines
    • Machines and building equipement
    • HVAC
    • Simple hard-wired logic control system cycles
    • Extra feature for industrial PLCs


    • Assembly view_Relay RXM2AB + socket
    • Standard cover relay with lockable test button, 10A 24...230VAC 1CO
    • Smart Relay
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