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Conext CL

Inverters for commercial rooftops and decentralised power plants. High Efficiency >98%

Grid Tie Inverters (1000V DC)

Conext CL
  • Features

    The Conext CL Series is a new line of three phase string inverters designed for high efficiency, maximum flexibility and easy installation and service. 

    True bankability

    • Strong Financial partner - 24 billion € in Sales in 2012
    • Global service and support infrastructure and local presence in over 100 countries
    • In business for 170+ years with worldwide leadership in power electronics and electrical distribution technologies

    Higher return on investment

    • High Efficiency >98%
    • Increased up time due to high reliability
    • Great value for money
    • Warranty from a trusted partner

    Designed for reliability

    • Multiple Environmental Over Stressed Testing (MEOST)
    • IP65 complaint, outer case manufactured from Aluminium


    Three phase inverter


    • Modular design with 5kW Blocks (15 and 20kW)
    • Wide MPPT voltage range (350-800V)
    • Easy to connect to 3rd party monitoring solutions

    Easy to install

    • Easy mounting with included bracket
    • Auto Country / Multilingual Configurations
    • Three Phase feed-in
    • Pluggable AC and DC Connectors (MC4)


    • Solar farms
    • Commercial rooftops S#
    • Small commercial installations
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