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PowerLogic PM8000 series

Compact, high-performance meters for cost and network management applications on feeders and critical loads.

Part of PowerLogic

Intermediate metering

PowerLogic PM8000 series
  • Features

    The PowerLogic PM8000 series meters are compact, cost-effective
    multifunction power meters that will help you ensure the reliability and
    efficiency of your power-critical facility. Reveal and understand
    complex power quality conditions. Measure, understand, and act on
    insightful data gathered from your entire power system. Designed for key
    metering points throughout your energy infrastructure, the PowerLogic
    PM8000 series meter has the versatility to perform nearly any job you
    need a meter to do, wherever you need it!

    Built on ION™ technology the PowerLogic PM8000 series will also protect the value of your investment with its unique ability to adapt to your needs today and tomorrow.

    • High-accuracy energy metering:  IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S,  IEC 61557-12 PDM-S
    • Time synchronisation
    • Multi-tariff support
    • WAGES metering support
    • PQ compliance monitoring:  IEC 61000-4-30 class S,  IEC 62586,  EN 50160,  IEEE 519
    • PQ analysis capabilities:  Dip & swell detection,  waveform capture,  disturbance direction detection,  trending & forecasting
    • Protocols:  Modbus, DNP3, IEC 61850
    • Ports:  RS-485,  dual-port Ethernet,  Ethernet-to-serial gateway
    • Graphical, color display
    • Onboard, customisable web pages


    • Makes understanding power quality simple to help operations personnel avoid downtime and ensure increased productivity and equipment life.
    • Makes energy and power quality immediately relevant and actionable to support your operational and sustainability goals.
    • Fast access to timely, critical information for energy, electrical network, and asset management.
    • More detailed PQ compliance reporting, and expert-level power quality and root-cause analytics.
    • Power monitoring, logging, and forecasting to help ensure your electrical system stays within safe operating tolerances, avoiding the risk of overloads, unbalances, or high peak demand.
    • Ensure energy efficiency and optimised costs by understanding where, when and how their energy is being consumed and perform sub-billing or allocate energy costs to encourage energy-efficient behavior , reduce peak demand and power factor penalties, and support participation in demand response or variable tariff (TOU, RTP) programs.
    • Maximise use of capacity by performing detailed load studies, circuit optimisation, and more accurate infrastructure expansion planning.


    • Ideal for low to high voltage applications in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, utility networks, or critical power environments.



    • Panel-mount PowerLogic PM8000 series meter showing summary screen
    • Bottom view of the panel-mount PowerLogic PM8000 series meter
    • Rear view of the panel-mount PowerLogic PM8000 series meter
    • Panel-mount PowerLogic PM8000 series meter with 2 I/O extension modules
    • DIN rail-mount PowerLogic PM8000 series meter
    • DIN rail-mount PowerLogic PM8000 series meter with remote display (phasor screen)
    • DIN rail-mount PowerLogic PM8000 series meter with 4 I/O extension modules
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