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PacDrive 3 LMC Eco / Pro / Pro 2

For automating machines/lines with 0 - 130 servo or robot axes - High Performance Motion Controller

Part of Modicon

PacDrive 3 LMC controllers provide scalable performance for synchronizing up to 130 servo axes at 1 msec network update rate and for up to 255 virtual axes. In addition to motion functionality, all controllers combine an integrated PLC, HMI interfaces, and IT functionalities on a single hardware platform.

PacDrive 3 LMC Eco / Pro / Pro 2
  • Features

    With the PacDrive 3 LMC Eco and Pro/Pro2 series controllers, EcoStruxure Machine offers a scalable hardware platform for complete automation solutions, including a logic and motion/robotics component.
    Starting with controllers for synchronizing up to four servo axes, PacDrive provides scalable performance for synchronizing up to 130 servo axes (at a 1 ms network update rate), and up to 255 virtual axes.
    All controllers are software-compatible, since all have identical Schneider Electric Logic Motion Runtime software. Users can program up to 4,096 dynamic electronic cam disks operating in parallel.
    The program can switch between electronic cam disks during operation. All controllers have an integrated PLC (5 μsec for 1000-bit instructions).

    One integrated, scalable automation platform

    • PLC, motion/robotics and IT functionality, no additional and/or proprietary hardware required for the complete machine (incl. robotics)
    • Scalable controller performance from 0 to 130 servo drives/robot axes (in parallel up to 250 virtual axes)
    • 4096 dynamic electronic cam disks can be operated in parallel
    • 1 msec network update rate for 130 servo axes
    • Integrated high speed I/O - externally expandable

    Communication according to international standards

    • Fully Ethernet-based communication with Sercos for I/O, motion (robotics), and safe communication
    • Realtime controller-to-controller communication on line level via Sercos in parallel to Sercos communication on field level
    • Network with up to 20 controllers/machines possible
    • Supporting other RT Ethernet solutions, standard IEC field busses and as well TCP/IP communication
    • Supports international protocol standards for vertical integration, remote maintenance and web services,

      One Engineering software for the complete machine  life cycle

      • One CoDeSys based programming tool – EcoStruxure Machine Expert
      • One machine program compliant to IEC 61131-3 for controlling the complete machine
      • EcoStruxure Machine Expert Tools for supporting  the whole engineering process with PacDrive controllers, including commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance
      • Energy efficiency approaches
      • Application libraries and open source software available
      • Libraries for implementing the guidelines of PackML and Weihenstephan standard
      • FDA and PLCopen compliant library functions


      A basis for sustainable automation solutions PacDrive controllers are designed for centralized system architectures.  This centralized approach offers significant benefits, including  shorter engineering times, reduced system complexity, and shorter maintenance times for PacDrive-based automation solutions :

      • Modular hardware and software design for greater transparency
      • Fully-integrated software designs with one tool concept for programming PLC and motion/robotics functionalities
      • Program simulation without any real servo axis for faster development and commissioning
      • Integrated diagnostic functions such as data logger and oscilloscope for quick and precise diagnosis
      • Plug-and-play solution with automatic parameterizing/firmware adaption of (Sercos) components for shorter maintenance times


      PacDrive LMC controllers meet the typical requirements for automating economically a wide range of production and packaging machinery, as well as material handling and assembly system.


      • All program and configuration data for an LMC Pro series controller can be transferred in a sinlge, simple operation
      • Slot for SD card in the front panel of the PacDrive Eco controller series
      • LEDs and system messages displayed in plaintext provide information on error locations

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