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Altivar Process ATV900

Variable speed drive for demanding applications from 0.75kW to 800kW

Part of Altivar

Variable speed drives and drive systems dedicated to maximum productivity with excellent motor control and connectivity capabilities (0.75kW to 800kW)

Altivar Process ATV900
  • Features

    Altivar Process is a Services Oriented Drive designed to reduce OPEX in Process & Utilities installations, thanks to embedded digital services.

    ATV900 is a range of ready-to-order drives and custom engineered drives focused on maximum productivity, with exceptional motor control and connectivity capabilities.

    Altivar Process is the first Services Oriented Drive with:

    • Embedded Power measurement and Energy dashboard
    • Embedded process monitoring and control
    • Low Harmonics (THDi < 48% at 80% load or THDi < 5% with low harmonic offer)
    • Stop and Go function to reduce energy consumption in standby mode
    • Asset monitoring and protection
    • Drift monitoring
    • Easy maintenance via a Dynamic QR-Code
    • Seamless integration with embedded Ethernet:
    • From device to process control with the Smart Process Object
    • From data to insights with the embedded Web Server
    Custom Engineered Drives:
    • Proven technical cooling and harmonics solutions
    • Modular and compact design
    • Easy grid integration
    • Embedded Control (PLC, RTU, HMI)
    • A full set of control options
    • Fully load tested in a controlled laboratory environment
    • Complies with your country’s industry standards


    Services Oriented Drives
    This new concept in drives meets the major needs of energy intensive process and utilities in terms of equipment efficiency and Total Cost of Ownership by supporting energy management, asset management and also the overall performance of the process.
    • Sustainable cost savings thanks to predictive condition-based maintenance
    • Up to 20% downtime reduction without additional investment

    Process Efficiency

    • The Altivar Process ATV900 is focused on maximizing motor performance and enabling connectivity
    • Excellent motor performance on any type of  motor in open or closed loop control
    • Dual port Ethernet maximizes services such as connection to the control room and full process transparency
    • Network service ensures operational continuity even in the instance of a connection breakdown
    • Web server and data logging help reduce downtime through fast troubleshooting and preventive maintenance

    Complete Control of your Applications

    • Maximize your application performance by using the Drive-to-Drive communication: total control of any kind of coupling in master/slave applications.
    • Total management and flexibility of speed and torque on rigid and elastic belt couplings
    • Asset protection functions to increase production and reduce downtime

    Real Time Intelligence

    Web server and services via Ethernet

    • Embedded web server interface based on the Ethernet network gives you process monitoring with your daily working tools
    • Local and remote access to energy use and customized dashboards means your energy is visible anywhere, any time, on PC, tablet or smartphone.

    Custom Engineered Drives

    Schneider Electric’s expertise in design and application services delivers solution-specific designs dedicated to your process requirements for seamless plant integration.

    • Minimize design and delivery risks
    • Reduces the commissioning and adaptation time

    Enhanced Drives Specifications

    Compact and modular, suitable even in harsh environments, Altivar Process is ideal for upgrades, retrofits, or new installations.

    • Withstands harsh conditions of use, both from an electrical and environmental perspective

    Regenerative Functionality

    The ATV980 Regenerative Drive Systems help improve efficiency by feeding back the drive’s energy to the mains.

    • Ready-to-connect drives enclosure in which generator operating states can occur
    • A 4-quadrant drive with shock-free changes from motor to generator operation
    • Adaptable to individual requests

    Braking Functionality

    Braking resistors allow Altivar Process drives to operate while braking to a standstill, by dissipating the braking energy. They enable maximum transient braking torque.

    • Located outside of the enclosure, without inhibiting natural cooling
    • Braking units provide IP20 and IP23 protection and thermal protection is given by an integrated temperature probe


    Altivar Process ATV900 drives have been specifically designed for industrial processes, such as:

    Electrical submersible pumps, progressive cavity pumps, rod pumps, mud pumps, rotary table/ top drive, draw works and regasification compressors and refinery fans   

    MMM : Stackers/reclaimers, mills/kilns, crushers, grinders, mixers, conveyors, special cranes and ship loaders

    F&B: Dairy beverage and agribusiness applications including conveyors, mixers shredders, centrifuges and hot rotary dryers

    WWW: Decanters in various water and wastewater applications


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