EVlink Field Services

Our EVlink Field Services conduct an onsite-survey, installation, and commissioning by trained engineers.

Preserve your time and your piece of mind!

EVlink Field Services
  • Features

    As the manufacturer, Schneider Electric proposes field Services : 

    • On site-Survey  installation and commissioning by trained engineers or certified installers
    • Warranty extension, on standard 24 months warranty
    • Training of your staff
    • Monitoring and connectivity of your infrastructure
    • Maintenance contracts

    We propose also to repair and to provide spare parts for all the charging stations sold by Schneider-Electric and also other brands.

    3 types of maintenance contract
    • Advantage Ultra (high level)
    • Advantage Prime
    • Advantage Plus

    Services details and characteristics depending
    · Documentations and guides to make the best with your charging station
    · Commissioning tools (test tool, commissioning guides, commissioning web interface)
    · Fast repair service to reduce your downtime
    ·        Guaranteed and warranted replacements
    ·        FREE 24 months warranty
    ·        Preserved Quality  – Repaired by the manufacturer
    ·        Fixed price for repairs or exchanges (depending maintenance  contract)
    ·        Worldwide delivery
    ·        National conformity with local laws
    ·        On-site spares using our back-up stock (*)
    ·        Guaranteed engineer response time to site (*)
    ·        8h/5d or 24 x 7 telephone technical support (*)
    ·        Software upgrades (*)
    ·        Asset management (*)
    ·        Spares and labor included (*)
    (*) depending your maintenance contract


    • Improve efficiency to reduce your downtime, safety/security risks, and costs.
    • Simplify your infrastructure management and budgeting to make long-term planning easier
    • Extend the life span of your assets and tailor modernisation solutions to optimise budgets.


    • For home
    • For private parking area (hotel, corporate parking, condominium)
    • For fleet & parking
    • For municipality and local authority
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