Orbus Hardwired Safety Systems

Proven solid state technology

The Orbus® range is based on well-proven solid state technology that is inherently exceptionally reliable. Typically this equipment is able to achieve very high levels of quantified safety integrity suitable for SIL 4 use. This range enable us to engineer systems that are pulse testable, fail-safe or combined. Additionally we are able to provide diverse systems for extremely onerous applications, as found within the Nuclear Industry.

Orbus Hardwired Safety Systems
  • Features

    Key Features include:
    • Safety Instrumented System specifically designed for applications which require the highest Safety Integrity Levels (SIL3 & SIL4)
    • Inherently Cyber Secure
    • Modular design allows users to create fault-tolerant, fail-safe or combined systems with very high availability, without compromising the superior safety performance
    • Extensively used in IEC61508 applications
    • Type tested via TÜV, SIRA (SIREP/EI) & ERA
    • Provides diverse systems for rejection of common mode failures
    • Stable technology with proven use in a vast installed base with over 30 years of application in majority of process markets

    Certified by TÜV Rheinland for use in safety applications up to safety integrity level 4 (SIL4)


    • Ensures verifiable protection of personnel and assets
    • Inherently Cyber Secure
    • Confidence in using proven product based on simple and elegant design
    • Major operating cost benefits from quantifiably reliable low spurious trip rate yielding high plant productivity
    • Major capital cost benefits based on SIL rating and availability for the majority of I/O profiles


    • Oil & Gas
    • Chemicals and specialty chemical
    • Power generation
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Nuclear & Defence

    • High integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS)
    • Emergency shutdown (ESD)
    • Fire and gas (F&G)
    • Over Pressure Protection Systems (OPPS)
    • Nuclear Fuel Transfer Systems
    • Nuclear Reactor Cooling Systems Protection


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