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Tesys GB2

Thermal magnetic circuit breakers from 0.5 to 20 A

Part of TeSys

TeSys GB2 is a range of compact thermal-magnetic circuit breakers from 0.5 to 20 A.

  Tesys GB2
  • Features

    TeSys GB2 thermal-magnetic circuit breakers are available in various ratings and with different breaking capacities.

    Compliance with standards:

    • IEC 947-1, 947-2
    • Certifications: IEC, CSA and UL


    • 12 ratings available from 0.5 to 20 A
      - 1-pole (GB2 CB)
      - 1-pole + neutral (GB2 CD)
      - 2-pole (GB2 DB)
      - Magnetic tripping threshold set between 12 to 16 In (withstands current peaks generated by many industrial components.)
    • 2 ratings available: 0.5 and 1 A
      - 1-pole version
      - Magnetic tripping threshold set between 5 and 7 In
    • 15 mm wide for 1-pole
    • 30 mm wide for 2-pole
    • Clear indication of “I” and “O” positions on the operators


    Compact and simple to select, TeSys GB2 circuit breakers are available in different ratings and breaking capacities.

    Gain Flexibility:

    • Devices can be mounted onto all types of 35mm symmetric rails and Telequick mounting plates

    Simplify Maintenance:

    • Tamper-proof
    • Easy to maintain


    TySys GB2 is a flexible range of thermal-magnetic circuit breakers that enable reliable protection of industrial equipment control circuits, such as power supplies, electronic systems protection, PLC, control circuits and all small devices capable of generating a high current peak.
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