Installation systems for cable management

Cable management system for buildings and industries

  • Features

    Mita Cable Management system is designed for buildings and industries. The system offers you a full solution for the last 100 m of the infrastructure to the workplace. It consists mainly of perimeter trunking, flooring systems, desk units, poles, posts and pre-wired products.
    • Perimeter trunking system in PVC, aluminium and steel. Single, twin and multi-compartment for efficient containment of power, data and control network cables.
    • Flooring system – floorboxes (in plastic and metal), underfloor power track 63A/250V AC, floor trunking (flush & in-screed) and floor grommets
    • Conduits and mini-trunking with accessories
    • Desk cable management. A range of desk-mounted units in a variety of flush and surface mounted versions.
    • Poles and Posts. A range of multi-compartment poles and posts in PVC and aluminium.

    Materials and Colours

    • Trunking: Alpine white, PVC in self-extinguishing lead and cadium free material (RoHs compliant), natural anodized aluminium trunking or sheet steel trunking in white powder coated epoxy
    • Poles and posts: Alpine white, PVC and anodized aluminium
    • Desk cable management: Various finishes and colours
    • Flooring systems: Various finishes and colours


    • Fast and simple to install
    • Compatible with all new building and refurbishment projects, in wall, ceiling and floor based applications.
    • Flexible and future-proof solutions to meet the requirements of all installers and end users, for easy and fast adaptation of building layouts.
    • Perimeter trunking with adjustable bends and multi-configurable tees to meet the requirements of data cabling standards.
    • Flooring systems include quick-fix floor boxes and underfloor powertrack for raised access floors, trunking and accessories for screeded floors, to cover all types of installation.
    • Pre-wired range of products for reduced installation time, factory tested for safety and consistent quality.


    Installation solutions for ceilings, walls, floors and desks.
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