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Ringmaster - RN2d

Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit (RMU) for underground secondary distribution, for indoor and outdoor applications. - 11kV Switch, Smart Ring Main Unit

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For indoor and outdoor applications, up to 13.8kV

Ringmaster - RN2d
  • Features

    Ring Main Unit for underground secondary distribution. For indoor and outdoor applications, up to 13.8kV and is the latest version of the established Ringmaster RN2c.

    RN2d has a high-level reliability, safety and flexibility. It is an SF6 Insulated Ring Main Unit (RMU) for medium voltage networks up to 13.8kV with improvement guided by customer feedback and design failure mode and effect analysis (DFMEA).

    Technical specification:

    • Rated system voltage: 13.8kV
    • Highest system voltage: 13.8kV
    • Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Rated short time withstand (main and earth): 21 kA 3 seconds
    • Peak make factor: 2,5 X 21kA IEC
    • Circuit breaker rated load current: 200 A/ 630 A
    • Installation: Indoor/outdoor (IP54), extensible/non extensible, freestanding/ transformer mounted
    • Operation: Manual/motorized
    • Switch rated load current: 630 A
    • Rated busbar current: 630 A
    • Lightening impulse withstand voltage: 95kVp
    • Power frequency withstand voltage: 38 kVrms for 1 minute
    • CB operating duties/cycle: 0-3 min-CO-3min-CO
    • Mechanical endurances:
    • CB: M1= 2000 ops
    • SW: M2 = 5000 ops
    • ES: M0 = 1000 op
    • Self powered protection and monitoring control devices allowing the security of your installation03/04/201:
    • Time Limit Fuses (TLF)
    • VIP protection relays


    • Ensuring hi-reliability and hi-safety in the harshest environments.
    • Simple, clear operation combined with compact size, high functionality and reliability extends the applications of the Ringmaster range.
    • Optimal Performance in harsh climatic & environmental conditions (apply anywhere)
    • Safety to personnel
    • Fully certified internal arc design in accordance with the latest international standards, also manufactured in our IEC ISO9001-certificated UK facility,
    • RN2d complies with:
    • ENA TS41-36 (general specification-issue 3)
    • IEC62271 - 1 (general)
    • IEC 62271-200 (enclosures)
    • IEC 62771-100 (circuit breaker)
    • IEC 62271-103 (switches)
    • IEC 62271-102 (earthing switches and disconnectors)
    • Reduced Technical & Non Technical losses
    • Optimisation of operational  costs (OPEX)
    • Effective management  of  load demands
    • Manage bi-directional & intermittent power flowing in your network
    • Compact and Modular, configurable to your needs


    • Building systems and solutions
    • Industrial systems and solutions
    • Energy and infrastructure systems and solutions
    • Package substations
    • Mining industry
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