MCset 4

Medium voltage switchgear (AIS type)+D262: withdrawable circuit-breakers 24 kV. Digital protection and control system.

Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS)

MCset 4
  • Features

    MCset 4 is an indoor switchgear assembly that provides maximum user safety.
    It is intended to meet all electrical distribution needs from 24kV and incorporates a set of innovative solutions designed using proven techniques
    • high performance breaking devices
    • digital protection and control system
    • designed and tested for internal arc resistance
    • Technology:SF6
    • Standard:IEC
    • Rated voltage:24kV
    • Busbar system:Single
    • Rated current busbar:3150A
    • Rated operational current:2500A
    • Rated peak withstand current:31.5kA
    • Internal Arc Classification: A FLR 25kA/1s - 31.5kA/0.15s
    • Loss of service continuity:LSC 2B
    • Partition class : PM

    Contractual warranty

    Period : 18 months


    Choosing for tranquility!
    • High level protection of people:each section is isolated from the others by earthed metal partitions, safety interlocking
    • Reduced maintenance and probability of failure:monitoring of temperature rise, indication of the fault zone
    • Safety operation:simple use, safety system that prevents all unauthorized operation


    MCset 4 is present on all electrical distribution markets

    • Energy:HV/MV substations, MV/MV substations,
    • Infrastructure:hospital, airport
    • Industries:cements plants, metallurgy
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