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    Customer Story: SICAE

    SICAE: Embracing a SMART and unique ADMS solution

    With EcoStruxure™ ADMS, SICAE unleashes the full potential of digital technology and optimises grid management.

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    Empowering smart utilities

    Distribution utilities are increasingly impacted by game-changing decarbonisation, digitisation and decentralisation. What strategies and innovative solutions are out there to help you succeed in this new era?

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    • SICAE Somme and Cambraisis Getting smarter with ADMS

      Smart EcoStruxure Grid enables French utility SICAE to optimise grid management for 35,000 households.

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    Digital grid unleashed

    Discover which strategies and solutions are needed to address the future's energy challenges. Download the report

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    The Challenge

    Realise the full potential offered by digitisation

    • Optimise electricity grid management and power supply
    • Reinforce network stability and voltage management
    • Improve the integration of local renewable energy production such as wind farms
    • Deliver accurate situational awareness for improved decision-making
    • Leverage information from Linky smart meters
    • Receive information on end users' energy consumption to better manage low voltage networks and solve problems faster
    Wind turbines early in the morning, Rilland, Zeeland, Netherlands, Europe

    The Solution

    Reliability and efficiency with EcoStruxure Grid

    Apps, Analytics and Services:  EcoStruxure ADMS,  a building block for smart grid management    
    Connected products: Easergy T300 (single solution for remote control and monitoring for LV/MV substation)  

    • Deployment of EcoStruxure ADMS for network management with advanced monitoring, analysis, control, optimisation, planning and training functions — including DMS, SCADA, OMS, EMS and geolocation in a single unified tool
    • Implementation of two control centres (main + back-up)
    • Provision of analytics to support full integration of 120 MW wind farms into the grid (40 MW average load)
    • Implementation of a call management system for the call centre
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    The Results

    Efficient and reliable smart grid

    • Effective incident management: fault location and automatic reconfiguration of power supply to areas not affected.
    • Ability to effectively respond to any major faults.
    • Optimised management of network and field crews.  
    • Future-proof grid management with a high capacity to integrate other assets, such as smart meters.
    • Increased capabilities for integrating renewables.
    • Improved demand response strategy to reduce the overall load at peak times from wind generation.
    • Collaboration with RTE (French TSO) to test a demand response strategy to enhance management of active and reactive power coming from wind turbines.
    France, Northern France, Pas de Calais, inland between Calais, Dunkerque and St-Omer.
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    "We felt that Schneider Electric was the best partner for us given the feedback we had and our previous experience working with their technicians, engineers and sales representatives".

    Christophe Dufour, Director Grid Management Division, SICAE Somme and Cambraisis

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