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    Better connected operations

    Improve safety, efficiency, and productivity at every stage — from shop floor to top floor.

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    “I want to proactively and easily maintain process equipment.”

    Our Altivar Process is a smart connected drive designed to:

     - Be part of an ICSS (providing sensor capability)
     - Locally optimize production, consumption, energy usage, and asset utilization with no extra effort

    Decentralized application expertise: Native algorithms (pumping, conveying, hoisting, etc.) increase performance out of the box without extensive programming

    Asset protection: Upon detecting abnormal conditions, the drive takes action to protect your process equipment, rectify the process issue, and alert the control room

    Smarter maintenance: The drive guides you through troubleshooting (dynamic QR code), and works in accord with technical support apps to simplify workflow.

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    “I want to troubleshoot faulty equipment quickly.”

    The Runtime Navigation Services (RTNS) in PlantStruxure PES lets you diagnose and resolve problems faster.

    Real-time data access of any device/equipment for fault diagnosis and correction.

    Through a unique system of online cross-references that codify process knowledge, you can:

     - Save significant time and effort for locating the information

     - Drill down into a single object to access the drive, PLC, IED (e.g. smart power metering), maintenance system, and other plant areas.

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