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  • 4 customer questions you can't avoid

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Get the answers to the top four questions your customers will ask.

Rapid marketplace changes and rising energy costs are causing organizations to think twice about owning their own data center. Instead, more are turning to cloud migrations and cloud density deployments. Chances are that many of your customers are looking to do the same, but they probably have more questions than answers.

Answers to four common customer questions

We’ve heard many questions, but the following four are asked over and over again. By knowing how to answer them, you can maximize sales opportunities.

1. I’ve got a small data center. Does that mean that I don’t have to use energy management?

Regardless of the size of your data center, intelligent energy management is necessary. Smart integration of sensors, probes, and management software, coupled with ongoing monitoring, gives you more control of your energy. But the best first step is to undergo a low-cost energy assessment to quickly identify inefficiencies.

2. We’re going to the cloud. So we don’t have to worry about physical infrastructure, right?

Wrong. Physical infrastructure is more mission critical than ever, especially when it comes to backing up key business processes. Remember, some applications will remain on-site, creating potential power and cooling issues. But modular, scalable infrastructure can help right-size any physical infrastructure.

3. Our operating expenses are breaking the bank.How can you help?

Today, OpEx costs are typically higher than CapEx costs. But right-sizing via modular, scalable infrastructure can cut energy costs by up to 30 percent, reduce maintenance expenses, and minimize floor space requirements. And DCIM software can help deliver continuous savings.

4. Construction on my new site is almost complete. How long until I can have a functional IT space?

APC™ by Schneider Electric™ prefabricated modular components, global supply chains, and factory-certified field service engineers can help accelerate time to market, from months to weeks.

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