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  • 7 ways your rack/rack PDU system can keep IT deployments simple and easy

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APC by Schneider Electric rack systems help tackle the top challenges IT managers face when rolling out new IT deployments. If you do have random closet space or even dedicated room on an out-of-the-way wall, can you deploy the business-critical IT safely and reliably?

As IT has become increasingly complex, now more than ever you need the foundation of your IT physical infrastructure—your racks and power distribution—to be simple and adaptable. Your rack/rack PDU system holds the key to ensuring that today’s IT physical infrastructure can accommodate your business needs quickly and easily.Significant changes in the way IT equipment is deployed, as well as the push for consolidation and virtualization projects, have heightened these industry calls for simplicity and adaptability. If you have mission-critical IT equipment but no closet or room to house it, being able to optimize the use of whatever space you have available is imperative.

Tackle today’s challenges! APC™ by Schneider Electric™ rack systems help tackle the top challenges IT managers face when rolling out new IT deployments or changing/retrofitting existing ones:

CHALLENGE #1:Lack of on-site IT resources. APC rack enclosures include standard, easy-to-use features to considerably simplify deployment and installation. For example, standard features include integrated baying brackets for easy alignment and compatibility with APC by Schneider Electric InfraStruxure™ power and cooling products. Pre‑installed levelling feet and casters eliminate the need for additional order and installment steps, and easily adjustable vertical mounting rails make equipment installation a breeze. These features help small and medium businesses save valuable time.

CHALLENGE #2:Increased demand for availability and connectivity everywhere— with more devices than ever connecting to networks. Escalated data volume has raised rack power densities. NetShelter enclosures are designed to integrate high-density cabling easily and safely to protect 24/7/365 uptime. Specifically, enclosures include a zero U accessory channel that enables rack PDUs to be installed in the back of the rack, out of the rack U-space, but still situating power distribution where it is needed most. Combined with Rack PDUs’ low profile form factor, the zero U channel provides more space for the rack-mounted equipment and cable management.

CHALLENGE #3:IT growth needed at the speed of business itself. APC rack enclosures can be deployed quickly. From the order itself (i.e., one part number that includes the fully assembled enclosure and all of its components) to the delivery and setup, the installation and deployment of new IT couldn’t be simpler.Even more installation headaches are avoided as the enclosures are vendor-neutral and are backed by a “fits like a glove” guarantee, ensuring that whatever rack-mount equipment is deployed (with EIA/ECA-310-E rack-mount width industry standard) will fit within our enclosure.

CHALLENGE #4:A wide range of IT deployment scenarios. APC offers a NetShelter for every application—from open-frame racks, to wall‑mounted units, to racks with side airflow features to accommodate network switches, there’s a rack for every mission-critical IT need. NetShelter SX enclosures can meet the needs of different types/sizes and densities of IT equipment with different heights, widths, and depths in various designs specific to server, networking, and even AV applications. Even if there is no dedicated IT space, APC has an enclosure, NetShelter CX, that’s a complete, secure, “server room in a box.” With soundproofed design, casters, adjustable rails for varying IT equipment, and pre-installed Rack PDU, it literally can be rolled out wherever you need it.

CHALLENGE #5: Growing IT complexity. Trends such as virtualization and consolidation are creating a convergence of different types of IT equipment in many racks. The wide array of rack and enclosure options from APC supports these trends and provides an infrastructure for mounting a mix of different equipment in an efficient and flexible design.

CHALLENGE #6:Better management to support changing IT requirements. No matter which APC Rack PDU is being used, the rack will accept all the Rack PDU designs and will support the customer if they choose to upgrade from a Basic to Switched Rack PDU with more remote device manageability. With switched rack PDUs, for example, if a network switch is hung, you can reboot it remotely through individual outlet control and you can turn on/off outlets remotely.

CHALLENGE #7: Managing energy intelligently. APC metered rack PDUs monitor power and energy at the rack level, providing timely data to IT managers for decision making and ensuring the most efficient usage of power at every rack. As the base energy management tool, metered rack PDUs provide the granularity required to monitor energy use and reveal potential efficiency gains in IT solutions, thereby improving energy savings.The Switched Rack PDUs also improve energy management and drive real energy savings. Specifically, you can turn on/off outlets remotely, allowing for strategically timed delays when power is not needed(e.g., during weekends) or to turn off less critical equipment to save energy.

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