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Due to the rapidly-changing data center environment, more businesses are struggling to adapt their IT infrastructure, business operations, and networks to meet the demands of a competitive market full of new ideas. Data center operators are dealing with multiple challenges, from meeting ever-evolving data center requirements to leveraging the cloud to streamline delivery of IT.

And heavy demands on existing IT infrastructure, which could trigger a downtime event leading to loss of productivity and customers, can be catastrophic for your business. When you add the pressures from the operational side to find areas for cost savings without compromising overall uptime, it becomes clear that finding solutions to address all these issues can be difficult to handle for any single person or team in your enterprise already overloaded with IT projects.

To meet these marketplace challenges, you need a partner with the global resources and proven tools to maximize data center performance and help you plan for future expansion. Today, more businesses are leaning on solutions providers like Schneider Electricâ„¢ to build smarter and more efficient IT enterprise networks.

Introducing Advantage MAX
When it comes to maintaining and operating your mission critical infrastructures, your primary concern is keeping it operating at maximum efficiency and optimal performance. Comprehensive Advantage MAX service packages allow you to design the coverage you need to operate your solution efficiently, minimize downtime, and manage costs. And you can take advantage of annual preventive maintenance, remedial parts replacement, labor, and technical support.

Valuable Advantage MAX features include:

  • Asset & Capacity Summary Report: The asset management and capacity data you need to maximize performance and proactively plan for future expansion and maintenance needs.
  • EnergySTEP1 Data Center Assessment: An assessment of your power and cooling infrastructure that analyzes energy usage and provides a plan to improve efficiency and reliability while controlling energy costs.

Annual preventive maintenance visit Yes Yes Yes Yes
Next business day on-site response* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote monitoring service Yes Yes Yes
Technical support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parts Discounted rates Discounted rates All included! All included!
Labor and travel All included! All included! All included! All included!
EnergySTEP1 Assessment All included!
Enhanced Reporting All included!

*Upgrades to an 8-hour or 4-hour on-site response time and upgrade to 24/7 preventative maintenance service may be selected where available.

Expect more from your service contract! Learn how you can optimize data center efficiency with Schneider Electric Advantage MAX.
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