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The Pelco™ by Schneider Electric EthernetConnect™ Ethernet over coax (EoC) solution allows customers to use existing coax or UTP/Cat5 infrastructure for IP data runs of up to 5,000 feet — with PoE+ power injection or pass-through PoE over both medias. Having the ability to connect directly to a PoE+ source power, these devices can also effectively become PoE midspans, saving critical space in racks and other mountings, which can be critical for video installations.Leveraging Existing Infrastructure

The EthernetConnect system has two primary uses. First is to be able to leverage existing infrastructure for a retrofit. This is important when an installer can’t remove an existing system and can’t install new cabling. EthernetConnectvc makes it easy to place media converters on either end and utilize the existing coaxial analog system for IP video.

Extending Your Total Reach
The second primary use has to do with extending the IP signal past the Cat5, 100-meter limitation, and still be able to provide power up to the media. The EthernetConnect system allows all of this to happen in a cost-effective manner. And because fiber cannot pass power, many installers are replacing fiber with Cat5 extension in new installations.

Guaranteed Video Security Performance
By providing an entire mix of transmission solutions, we can test, certify, and guarantee compatibility across all platforms, and we can make sure the systems are robust enough for 24/7 video use. Beyond that, since we control the technologies within our transmission strategy, we can integrate these technologies closer and closer to the camera system. And in some cases, include it in the camera — once again adding to the confidence level that our systems are tested and guaranteed to interoperate.

The EthernetConnect Series supports up to 16 channels of 10/100 Mbps Ethernet with PoE+ power injection or pass through PoE over coax or twisted pair cable (Cat5 or above). Having the ability to connect directly to a PoE+ source (midspan or switch) and to generate PoE+ power with a 48-volt input at either the master or remote end, the EthernetConnect Series provides ultimate flexibility for extending powered or nonpowered IP cameras over long-distance copper wire types.

Pelco transmission systems are engineered and tested to support all of the necessary media protocols for video security transmission compatibility and operation, and the technologies are applied with compatibility in mind. Our power systems meet the appropriate range of power requirements for video systems, and we have cross-tested all our systems with each other, assuring optimum performance for all systems. This not only makes our systems easy to quote, easy to install, and very reliable to use, but also adds an assurance of performance.

EthernetConnect Over Coax/UTP Media Converters Overview:

  • High performance solutions to transmit IP video, data, and power over coax or UTP
  • Tested compatibility with all Pelco products
  • Supports PoE and PoE+ cameras (PD devices)
  • Coax and UTP compatible
  • Eliminates the need for new cabling in existing installations
  • Support for transmission distances of up to 5,000 feet
  • Automatically sets fastest possible data rate versus cable quality and transmission distance

User-configurable master/remote, forward error correction, asymmetrical/ symmetrical data, and long-reach/short-reach selection

Explore the Pelco EthernetConnect series of products, offering a wide selection of ethernet over Coax/UTP solutions.
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