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  • Discover how power factor correction solutions can boost your bottom lineEnergy efficiency made simple with VarSet solutions

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Wall-mounted and floor-standing VarSet capacitor banks for fixed and automatic compensation. Up to 30% better energy efficiency and lower electricity costs from day one with VarSet

No matter the industry or company size, organizations need clean power in order to be more profitable. Complete power factor optimization solutions like VarSet™ low voltage capacitor banks are simple and dependable tools to improve your power infrastructure efficiency.

Power Factor describes the ratio between active and reactive power, and is the standard measure of electrical system efficiency. Too much reactive energy in your operation and your utility may charge you a penalty for the extra generation and transmission costs they incur. Additionally, modern equipment can produce harmonics and power quality problems that increase operating costs. However, maintaining high-quality power is easy with the right technology.

A “quick win” that pays back in multiple waysInstalling a VarSet capacitor bank solution in order to compensate for reactive power and harmonic distortion reaps significant benefits:

  • Reduce CapEx by optimizing equipment size by up to 30%
  • Cut electricity bill with up to 10% instant savings
  • Improve process reliability by up to 20%
  • Decrease energy losses by up to 30%
  • Comply with regulations and reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 95kg for every kvar of power factor installed

Benefits begin immediately after implementation and do not require alterations to processes, procedures, or staff behavior. Your investment is often recouped in under a year, and because VarSet solutions are easy-to-use, fully type-tested, certified, and optimized for wide-ranging applications, the specification, installation and operation of them is economical and trouble-free.

Energy efficiency made simple
When integrated with a simple energy management solution, you can plan maintenance operations, monitor internal capacitor bank temperature, receive alerts, and create capacitor bank dashboards providing key problem-solving information. With decades of expertise behind it, VarSet is an ideal choice to make your business more profitable, your power infrastructure more reliable, and your electrical environment safer.

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