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  • EcoStruxure architecture provides safe and secure solutions for SAHMRI

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The SAHMRI building (artist rendering at left) is designed with EcoStruxure integrated architecture “We need environments tha encourage creativity, the right temperature, right lighting, and right systems to ensure researchers are at their best, most creative, and productive.” – Prof. Steve Wesselingh, Executive Director, SAHMRI

Medical research generates new ideas and innovation every day. To swiftly incorporate these developments into healthcare delivery, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) is building an innovative diamond shaped 25,000-square-meter facility, designed to foster researchers’ creativity and productivity.

Key to the building’s success was early engagement with Schneider Electric™ and the company’s EcoStruxure™ architecture. EcoStruxure integrates SAHMRI’s building systems into a single platform that includes heating and cooling, energy management, security, and lab controls, to provide efficiency and flexibility throughout the facility’s lifecycle.

Already destined for icon status on the Adelaide city skyline, SAHMRI’s diamond shape construction, elevated on flower columns, also features a pine cone inspired transparent skin to allow plenty of natural light into the building. It includes wet and dry laboratory areas, modern research areas, and even a medicinal garden.

“We need environments that encourage creativity, the right temperature, right lighting, and right systems to ensure researchers are at their best, most creative, and productive,” says Professor Steve Wesselingh, Executive Director, SAHMRI.

EcoStruxure: An Integrated Building System approach
The backbone of the EcoStruxure architecture is the Integrated Building System (IBS), providing maximum efficiency through a collaborative design, construction, and delivery process. The system design utilizes innovative 3D building information modeling software to avoid design changes and rework. Because all components communicate with one another, the system allows the facility manager to monitor and control heating, ventilation, air conditioning, humidity, lighting, access control, video, lifts, and other security features across the facility.

The Schneider Electric integrated security offering including smart card access control, close circuit video management, and high-definition cameras and monitoring, provides a very safe, flexible, and secure solution.

Another key component of the EcoStruxure architecture is Clipsal by Schneider Electric DALIcontrol lighting control system. Although there are key scenes programmed into the building, the system also allows for customized programming in research areas where constant lighting is required. Emergency lighting is also included in this system.

A reliable emergency power supply
Schneider Electric Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) test solution, installed at the institute, provides automated analysis and accurate reporting, as well as complete power system information. It tests the back-up generator supply and provides reports on the precise timing of transfer switches and the condition and health of the generator. The system monitors EPSS load levels and duration of test. And, It makes manual testing obsolete, saving time and facilitating data collection during real outages.

Power interruptions also have the potential to create data loss and hardware damage to all communication and computer equipment. With 18 communication hubs located throughout the SAHMRI building, Schneider Electric is providing uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to maintain power continuity and protect vital communications equipment.

To better integrate SAHMRI’s energy metering, Schneider Electric has included their new StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0 (SPM7) energy management software platform. Sub-metering has also been installed at the site to separately meter the power and lighting chassis.

Schneider Electric Altivar variable speed drives have been added to the HVAC system to limit energy usage on start up and allow for the precise control of heating and cooling through the IBS.

Local experts help meet standards
Schneider Electric provides a unique combination of local support with the backing of world-leading expertise in technology implementation. This ensures technical issues can be quickly resolved by representatives at the site.

The Schneider Electric solution also helps the SAHMRI building meet the globally recognized Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards.

Scheduled for completion in late 2013, the SAHMRI building design brief and goals are well underway. EcoStruxure architecture by Schneider Electric is poised to create great energy efficiencies at the building for the long term.

Learn more about how Schneider Electric EcoStruxure architecture is helping SAHMRI build a highly intelligent, world-class facility to meet the rising demand for both health and medical research facilities, watch SAHMRI:Inspired Innovation today!
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