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Now there s an easier way to show your customers expected energy and operational savings.

An uncertainty can cause any customer to hold back on buying decisions. Therefore, as you work with your customers in the sales process, you have to be prepared to answer questions. By demonstrating to your customers that you can provide accurate answers to their data center planning and design inquiries, it may increase your chances of earning their trust, and ultimately closing the sale.

TradeOff Tools of the trade
Types of questions posed by customers about their data center planning project runs the gamut from, ‘Should I buy or build out in phases?’ to ‘What would I need to do to reach a specific efficiency requirement?’ Questions such as these do not have one-size-fits-all answers. TradeOff Tools™ can help you find the right answers to customers’ questions and simplify decision-making by enabling them to see expected ROI for various design choices, easily determine differences between design options, and find optimal arrangements for their business needs using ‘what-if’ scenarios.

Today, there are 13 interactive TradeOff Tools covering a variety of IT topics, from power and cooling systems to virtualization and more. Four of the most popular tools include:

  1. 1. Virtualization Energy Cost Calculator: Show your customers expected energy and operational savings derived from virtualization and provide drill-down details of IT physical infrastructure, servers, and more to find additional savings.
  2. 2. UPS Efficiency Comparison Calculator: Compare efficiency, costs, and carbon footprint details of two UPS systems, demonstrate scaling options, show efficiency and cost data, and make UPS selection easy.
  3. 3. Data Center Efficiency Calculator: Estimate annualized data center efficiency, see projected efficiency curves, and assess energy efficiency impact of key decisions.
  4. 4. Data Center Build vs. Colocation Cost Calculator: Explore impacts of data center attributes and pricing models on TCO, compare break-even points and cash flow, and address key assumptions.

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