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Schneider Electric offers robust mobile weather functionality

Weather is big to business. Penn State University estimates that one-third of private industry activities — representing annual revenues of roughly $3 trillion — experience some degree of weather-related risk.

With climate change and weather events becoming more dynamic, Schneider Electric™ offers world-class weather forecasting services to enhance and differentiate its solutions.

Predictive weather intelligence from Schneider Electric
These services deliver exclusive, integrated weather capabilities — something not available from its competitors. With them, you can make strategic decisions that enhance efficiency, improve safety, and mitigate risk.

For the past six consecutive years, in international competition, the Schneider Electric weather forecasts have been independently ranked the most accurate. The company offers accurate weather guidance globally and currently monitors weather conditions at more than 20,000 locations worldwide. Schneider Electric can also deploy supplemental private weather sensor networks to monitor specific conditions and support hyper-local forecasts for specialized applications.

In addition, Schneider Electric offers advanced weather visualization, industry-leading patented location-based alerting capabilities, robust mobile weather functionality, real-time tracking of lightning, exclusive 24/7 online consultations with experienced meteorologists, and industry specific weather decision support delivered via the cloud.

The benefits of Schneider Electric weather
Advanced weather solutions are employed by countless industries worldwide:

  • Electric and gas utilities: to improve load forecasting and optimize outage restoration and crew maintenance deployment decisions
  • Renewables: to support power generation choices and safer, more efficient operations
  • Smart Grid: to support demand/response programs and optimize distribution system functions
  • Water: to mitigate weather-related risks while protecting critical supply
  • Building management: to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs
  • Transportation: to ensure safer, more efficient travel and road maintenance

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