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When you move to the cloud, don t neglect your on-premise equipment.

You may be considering how the cloud can deliver your software and hardware resources via the Internet or a vast network. Undoubtedly the benefits of cost savings and increased availability are attractive to any enterprise seeking to improve their bottom line. But where does that leave your on-premise equipment?

Moving to the cloud can heighten the demands and expectations of your on-premise IT systems. For example, your cloud access node, where your connectivity and networking infrastructure reside, has to meet the same service level agreements (SLAs) of cloud providers. Failure to do so can result in lackluster IT performance and lower user satisfaction rates.

Don’t neglect your on-premise equipment
Whether leveraging the cloud or not, many enterprise branch offices are challenged with resolving aging physical infrastructure, efficiency, and security issues. So as cloud uptake grows, smaller IT deployments such as computer rooms, networks closets, and open office space installations have become increasingly significant. But today’s smaller IT installations raise many concerns including:

  • Ease of integration
  • Scalability
  • Maintenance

Integrated hardware and software architecture, combined with secure power and cooling and UPS power protection, enable enterprises with small IT spaces to address today’s data center challenges.

Right-sized solutions
Integrated hardware and software system architecture, secure power and cooling, and improved physical access to valuable IT resources are the hallmarks of APC™ by Schneider Electric™ InfraStruxure for Small IT Spaces. And the system is scalable and simple to install and configure. Enterprise branch offices can:

  • Maximize the performance of IT in any environment
  • Ensure that siloed systems work together
  • Provide proper cooling, power protection, and cabinet space
  • Optimize energy efficiency
  • Reduce OpEx and CapEx costs
  • Maximize protection and runtime for your on-premise services

APC by Schneider Electric offers numerous solutions to further enhance your IT, including remote access, automation through manage­ment software, and a full catalogue of physical protection devices for rooms and cabinets.

Get the solution you need for nearly any IT challenge, including how to prepare your on-premise physical IT infrastructure for a cloud deployment. Download our solution guides today!
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