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  • Five reasons to choose Data Center Life Cycle Services

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Five reasons to choose Data Center Life Cycle Services

What can you always count on in your business? Constant evolution. Whether you are considering a new data center or upgrading and modifying your existing data center to respond to evolving business needs, you need dedicated support to ensure your data center maintains optimum efficiency, reliability, and safety.

At Schneider Electric™, we view your data center in terms of its entire life cycle and can help you proactively optimize from planning to ongoing operations.

Five phases of service

  1. 1. Assess: Understand your performance. Get the best return for your money. Using supply-side and demand-side assessments, our experts address technical, business, and safety challenges by leveraging automation tools and best practices developed over 45 years.
  2. 2. Plan: Receive expert guidance. Using proven methodology and automation tools, we provide expert assistance for your project to determine optimal costs, criticality, performance, timing, regulatory compliance, or sustainability.
  1. 3 Design: Meet performance and safety needs. Do you need a piece of the puzzle, such as power, cooling, IT room infrastructure, security, or data center infrastructure management?         Or do you need an entire data center? Our customizable design services leverage unparalleled expertise and an extensive design library to meet your basic to detailed needs.
  2. 4. Build: Finish on time and on budget.From basic assembly, integration, commissioning, and start-up to on-site project management, our systematic approach reduces risk, compacts         schedules, and minimizes costs.
  3. 5. Operate: Simplify operations and minimize downtime. Schneider Electric provides more maintenance, operation, monitoring, and optimization services than any other company. Expertise and efficiency in this phase are gained from our design, plan, and build phase experience. Variable offering and progression are available, enabling you to start advanced or start simple and progress.

Pricing and availability may vary.

Learn more about the complete Data Center Life Cycle Services solutions to optimize your data center from planning to operations.
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