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  • How planning decisions can impact mining profits

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Today’s technology can standardize the approach to planning and scheduling across mining supply chain functions, facilitating accurate modelling and optimization.

Mining environments are becoming increasingly dynamic, which creates pressure to react quickly to changing conditions. The nature of the mining industry requires that planning teams allow for a wide range of variables when scheduling and planning for each stage of mining operations. These variables include:

  • Consumer demand 
  • Shipping and loading schedules 
  • Complex processing and transport functions 
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Geological models vs. actuals gap 
  • Energy efficiency
  • Equipment availability and capacity 
  • Weather events 
  • Pressures of a changing political climate

Given that variability will forever exist for mining companies in the resource-to-market supply chain, mining companies can embrace it, understand it, and account for it by using tools and technology that enable better modeling and decision making. Taking this modern approach supports the industry shift from “produce at any cost” to “produce only what’s profitable.”

To learn more, download the Schneider Electric white paper, “Impact of Planning Decision Support Tools on Mining Operations Profitability.”

Schneider Electric offers a guide to planning support tools for mining operations
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