• How timely data improves enterprise efficiency

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Managing resource usage within your enterprise is critical to reducing consumption, improving efficiency, and meeting your sustainability goals. The challenge, then, is gaining visibility into this usage in the form of accurate, real-time data.

Get an essential, holistic view
In this way, software that enables the sharing of data can play a pivotal role in your enterprise energy strategy, providing you with the comprehensive enterprise view you need to make informed and timely decisions.

StruxureWare™ software is just that: an integrated platform of applications and suites that helps users to manage, analyse, and control critical energy and resource data across any enterprise in virtually any industry.

With StruxureWare software, users get timely access to information for faster, more informed decision-making. So you can conserve resources, reduce expenses, and support sustainability objectives — without sacrificing productivity or performance.

Enable open communication between enterprise systems
Traditionally, the various systems used by departments within an enterprise have been unable to communicate. This information gap creates silos and results in energy waste and inefficiency, which can drag down performance and profitability.

But through the use of its open platform, StruxureWare software breaks down these silos, enabling information to be shared easily between departments, and providing you with insightful, high-quality data you can trust.

When your systems can talk to each other, the BMS can proactively communicate issues to the data center software, avoiding server downtime. A supply chain manager can see if and where there is excess capacity. And you can capitalize on profitable business opportunities in real time.

Get the data you need, where and when you need it
Now, your executive, operational, and functional teams can access the right data at the right time. So whether it’s tracking GHG emissions, analysing cost trends, or monitoring production, users get the information they need to meet their respective goals.

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