• How to increase safety at your hospital

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Schneider Electric solutions can help boost staff efficiency, patient satisfaction, and safety in hospitals. “From a business perspective, typical return on investment for RFID/RTLS projects is estimated at 1 year or less.” – Steve Nibbelink, Global Director, Healthcare Security and RTLS Solutions, Schneider Electric

When integrated into a healthcare facility’s security, energy, building, and power applications, flexible RFID/RTLS technologies can help healthcare organizations to:

  • Streamline operations in locating assets 
  • Simplify matching of equipment, patients, and staff with planned procedures 
  • Track and monitor assets to right-size medical inventory 
  • Improve utilization rates, and prevent theft 
  • Enable staff to quickly locate rented equipment and reduce late return fees 
  • Provide immediate access to patient, caretaker, visitor, and staff location in case of an adverse event 
  • Reduce time spent searching for medical equipment and assets to improve employee efficiency and patient satisfaction

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