• How to make your IT work for you

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Unless your IT room is situated in an oval office, your space probably looks like all others – consisting of four walls and eight corners. If you let it, these dimensions can restrict your ability to go beyond the physical limitations of your server room, especially if it is small in size. If your IT equipment resides in a network closet, your challenges may be even greater.

But you can make your small IT work to achieve growth goals without a large capital investment. After all, if your business is like most others, your budget limits your ability to break down the walls and expand. However, with proper planning and by addressing five key challenges, you can make your small IT space work for you, and not against you.

Space optimization – Improving the organization in your server room can open up space opportunities so that you can better and more efficiently utilize racks, cables, and wall-mounted enclosures.

  1. Increased density and heat load – The more density in your IT room, the more heat it generates. But with proper rack-based cooling you can maximize air flow and ventilation to create an ideal environment.
  2. Remote site management – The ability to manage and control all of your environments from a single, centralized location enables you to be more proactive in monitoring your IT equipment and help avoid downtime disasters.
  3. Energy efficiency – UPS systems that are ENERGY STAR® qualified can provide clean power and help save energy and space if it is right-sized. And modular power and cooling can contribute to energy efficiency without leaving you space-bankrupt.
  4. Availability for the transition to the cloud – More organizations are embracing the cloud for the business benefits, but it also creates a greater need for availability. A right-sized UPS with extended runtime can get you through a blackout, with or without a generator.

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