• How to pick a UPS for your home office

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Get the facts before choosing a UPS for your home IT and entertainment devices. 

Protecting your home IT and even entertainment devices with the help of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is always recommended. APC™ by Schneider Electric™, with an installed base of tens of millions of UPS systems capable of logging power problems, estimates that 99% of outages last under an hour. So, how do you pick the right UPS?

You’ll need to consider:

  1. 1. Sizing
  2. 2. Runtime
  3. 3. Management and Energy Efficiency
  4. 4. Data Line Surge Protection

Online tools can help with the first two. The third one rests upon the intuitiveness of the UPS setup and management software.

Sizing: There are a couple of options to determine this. You can utilize our UPS selector. The power rating for the devices which you want to protect are normally marked with other “nameplate” information on a sticker, usually on the back or bottom of the enclosure. If not, consult the products user manual. Then, add up the power draw of all the devices to determine what size UPS you require.

Bear in mind that equipment can be power factor corrected (PFC), so there may be disparity between “real” power (measured in watts – W) and apparent power (VA or volt-amperes). APC by Schneider Electric-branded UPS are marked with both ratings.

Runtime: You should allow enough runtime to ensure that your IT equipment has sufficient ride-through capability for shorter outages (90% are less than 5 minutes) at a minimum. However, depending on the frequency or duration of your local power outages, you may want to consider more runtime. By purchasing a larger UPS you will be able to gain greater runtime.

Management and Energy Efficiency: Devices like APC by Schneider Electric Back-UPS Pro enable rarely used devices to be turned off automatically, thereby eliminating “vampire loads” of devices in hibernate mode, such as unused printers and speakers, for example. PowerChute software allows you to both manage your energy usage and energy savings. And in case the blackout is too long for your UPSs runtime the software facilitates the graceful shutdown of applications and equipment during a blackout, so that your work and data is not lost.

Data LineSurge Protection: Many people are not aware that surges come not only through AC lines but also through the “backdoor” — meaning data lines — such as your Ethernet, cable, or phone line. Make sure that you select a UPS which provides you with the proper data line surge protection and matches how your Internet connects into your computer and/or networking device.

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