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The newly expanded Smart-UPS offerings are more manageable and affordable for your customers. Smart-UPS offer new sales opportunities.

The term “cloud computing” can bring about different reactions from your customers. For example, CFOs seeking affordable ways to boost productivity and cut costs may readily embrace the cloud as a cure-all for operational ills. On the other end, data center managers may express concerns about security, reliability, and availability, causing them to think twice before moving any application to the cloud.

Both sides of the argument have a point. But based on market trends, it is becoming abundantly clear that more organizations are taking the plunge and reaping the cost saving benefits of the cloud. The good news is that these trends have the potential of creating new sales opportunities for your business.

UPS solutions are still a must-have PC and server sales may be trending downward, but sales of networking equipment remain strong without any sign of weakening. This indicates that even though businesses are moving some of their IT to cloud-based providers, they still need to rely on network equipment to ensure that their employees can connect to off-site resources.

Because just a minute of downtime can reduce productivity and lead to revenue losses, your customers continue to seek solutions to protect their valuable network equipment. For your business, this creates an opening to grow sales.

As an APC™ by Schneider Electric™ channel partner, you are well-positioned to present world-class UPS solutions that can give your customers peace of mind in a data center market racing ever more quickly towards the cloud.

Helping your customers address three key challenges. If your customers are looking to leverage the cloud for their data center assets, there are three main challenges that you need to help them address: 24/7 uptime, network management, and physical network infrastructure.

1. Providing 24 × 7 uptime
As more of your customers’ resources live in the cloud, the network connection between their off-site equipment and on-site resources becomes a lifeline. In other words, your customers’ network has to always be available in order to maximize business impact. Any glitch in power that causes a router or switch to reset will disconnect their employees from the network connection. APC by Schneider Electric Smart-UPS™ devices offer protection against such events, supplying around 45 minutes of runtime or more when used solely to back up network equipment.

2. Managing networks
In today’s ever-evolving business world, remote or branch offices are the norm. With resources spread out over vast geographic areas, enterprises are challenged with effectively managing their networks. Many organizations, especially small- and medium-sized businesses, rely on very small IT staff and have limited means, resources, and time to manage devices such as UPS units. You can help your customers address this issue with APC by Schneider Electric Smart-UPS solutions, which support both proactive monitoring, with real-time status reports, as well as remote control. This enables a remote network administrator to reboot a hung device attached to a Smart-UPS unit and easily check on the health of the UPS itself. And we continue to expand our Smart-UPS offerings to make them more manageable and affordable to address your customers’ needs.

3. Staying focused on IT equipment
Your customers’ IT and network managers want to worry less about their physical IT infrastructure. They also face challenges with time and resources. Because our solutions are simple to install, maintain, and configure, they are an easy sell. We also offer a wide range of service plans for those who want to choose that option. All you have to do is help your customers understand why protecting their network equipment is the smart move to make as they transition to the cloud.

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