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  • Increase efficiency and manage costs across technical infrastructure

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Schneider Electric has more than 6,000 certified Field Service engineers (FSE) available around the world, all trained directly by product developers to provide the most knowledgeable assistance possible.

Introducing comprehensive Field Services available for the entire life cycle of electrical equipment, systems, and software

Increasingly, requirements for financial results are limiting or reducing operating budgets. However, expectations for availability, performance, energy efficiency, and safety / security keep climbing. Aging technical infrastructure, combined with a loss of related expertise, is making maintenance, management, and long-term planning even more complex.

How can you stay ahead of these ever-growing challenges, especially when downtime is not an option? Now there is a way with truly comprehensive life cycle Field Services from Schneider Electric. Tailored for every sector of business, these services are available anywhere and anytime you need us. From the shop floor to the top floor, Schneider Electric delivers expertise for the entire life cycle of infrastructure assets.

Our Field Services allow companies to bring maintenance costs under control. Now you can go from many agreements with varying costs to one Service Plan with one responsible provider. This makes management and budgeting easier by allowing for controlled, consistent costs without surprises. Along the way, Schneider Electric is a long-term, dedicated partner who brings extensive infrastructure knowledge and commitment to your success. Benefits of our life cycle Field Services include:

  • Improved efficiency to reduce downtime, safety/ security risks, and costs.
  • Simplified infrastructure management and budgeting to make planning easier.
  • Extended life span of assets and tailored modernization solutions to optimize budgets.

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