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  • Introducing Schneider Electric Data Center Life Cycle Services

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The data center physical “ecostructure” Today’s data centers are dynamic and constantly evolving. Since they imperatively support and respond to business needs, they consistently accommodate new and/or consolidated and virtualized servers to meet application and storage demands. They also face the challenges of meeting on-demand requirements driven by cloud services. 

The mission-critical physical infrastructure that supports this environment is perhaps better called a physical ecostructure. After all, like the business itself, this data center layer is in flux and relies on systems that make the holistic system thrive at highest availability and efficiency, all at optimal cost. As Gartner analysts note in “Predicts 2013: Data Center Infrastructure” (published: November, 30 2012), “The combination of the needs of scrutinizing data center operational budgets (including energy saving) and emerging technology availability will force businesses to rethink their data center hardware architectures.” 

Protecting the data center life cycle amidst change and challenges

Establishing cost-effective, energy-efficient availability is a balancing act that can go awry at any point, for any number of reasons. Now, Schneider Electric™ can help protect and enable the business throughout the data center life cycle.

Whether you need planning assistance to align your data center with business requirements, an initial assessment of your existing efficiency profile, remote management, or facilities operations and maintenance, Schneider Electric Data Center Life Cycle Services can help make your data center available, efficient, and safe throughout its life cycle. Our services attend to the following data center challenges:

  • Managing many cycles of change,including constant upgrades
  • Optimizing operations with old assumptions and outmodeled technology
  • Making sure the data center can deliver business value and competitive advantages

Attend to service needs at any phase

The Schneider Electric Data Center Life Cycle Services portfolio is unique in that it enables you to enter the service cycle at any phase of any data center project (small or big, new or retrofit) to simplify your life, reduce costs, and tackle pressing technical issues. In addition, partnering with a company that is up to speed on designing today’s data centers and new private cloud environments helps you respond quickly to ever-changing IT complexities or business challenges.

Perhaps you need to configure your IT room to accommodate future growth. Or you might require immediate energy efficiency gains to trim operating costs. Or you just need to get a handle on ongoing maintenance schedules without causing downtime. Schneider Electric Data Center Life Cycle Services can help at every step.

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