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  • Looking ahead to the data center market of 2015

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Schneider Electric solutions provide organizations with flexible options to meet current and future demands.

What data center industry trends should we expect in 2015? Topics of interest include big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, virtualization, data center infrastructure management (DCIM), and bring your own device (BYOD), among other trends.

Economics impact data center market
Some in the industry point to data center trends that indicate a major shift: more companies choosing outsourcing over building, which creates a host of new criteria to consider during data center design phases. This market evolution is largely a result of global economics. As major economies settle into a period of cautious growth, many organizations will follow suit and remain careful when it comes to their IT investment choices.

However, amid all the economic uncertainties, organizations can remain confident in this: there are many options available when it comes to managing, specifying, designing, building, and operating their data centers.

Customization is a key
Organizations are quickly realizing the myth of the “one-size-fits-all” data center solution. This means that no single solution will dominate the landscape. Instead, the data center market will continue to diversify.

For some, an in-house data center makes more business sense than outsourcing. In another scenario, making the wholesale switch from a bespoke design build to a prefabricated data center may not fit an organization’s requirements. Yet for another organization, virtualizing older servers may make less sense than upgrading to more energy efficient machines.

As we move into a more complex future, oversimplified choices can actually trivialize efforts in matching proper data center solutions with business requirements.

Searching out the best combinations possible will be a key to making the best data center decisions.

Overcoming selection challenges 
Now more than ever, coming up with a solution for every possible data center scenario can be challenging. Finding the right data center solution requires an assessment of available options and dialogue between executive decision-makers and potential suppliers.

The data center selection process can be highly complex. In addition to determining which applications and systems are needed, you need to ensure your solution can evolve to accommodate future needs. And you need to ensure that your most valuable applications and systems are protected from potential downtime events. For example, a financial trading system is much more costly to your business than an online catalog application. So if you implement both in a Tier 4 data center, you put your business at risk, operationally and financially.

It is essential to consider all of your data center objectives, from day-to-day operations to efficiency to cost savings goals. In 2015, organizations will see new options that can maximize the business value of their data centers.

Proven market leadership 
As the world grows more complex and data continues to expand worldwide, organizations will continue to demand flexible solutions that can meet their business’ needs today and tomorrow. Schneider Electric offers extensive product diversity and expertise on a global scale, as well as world-class support and know-how. And we continue to invest in research and innovative approaches to offer our customers more options and solutions to address ever-evolving data center challenges. Rest assured; Schneider Electric is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of data center innovation so you can be ready for 2015 and beyond.

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