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For years, Pelco™ by Schneider Electric™ has worked tirelessly to meet the needs of customers, and that includes customers with unique requirements that demand customized solutions. The Pelco Special Modification Request (SMR) program is designed to meet such needs, by adapting our industry-leading products to fit unique applications. In turn, the SMR program allows Pelco dealers and integrators to deliver powerful differentiated solutions to customers.

Explore SMRs Online
Increasingly, as customers are pushing IP video into new applications, the need for the kind of customization available through the Pelco SMR program is greater than ever. To make it even easier for customers to explore and utilize SMRs in their projects, we have recently launched an online SMR Catalog. “The online catalog gives customers a first-hand look at the kinds of things we can do through the SMR program,” said George Blackwell, director of Board of Change and SMR for Pelco. "Users can browse through our most popular SMRs and get ideas for how an SMR could meet their specific application challenge. They can filter by different criteria – by type of mount, type of enclosure, camera model, or name." Users can also enter a search term, for example “marine,” and see a list of SMRs suited for a particular application or environment.

While a lot of the interest in SMRs pertains to mounting and related hardware, of equal interest is the opportunity to paint Pelco products in a certain color, to match aesthetic requirement. By clicking on the Custom Colors tab of the online catalog, users can view the list of Pelco products that can be finished in a custom color, and then pick from any of nearly 200 RAL colors or from four Pelco colors. “An advantage of doing color match with Pelco is that we have our own paint booth, so if a customer calls for it we can finish an SMR in multiple colors," Blackwell said.

Whether picking a physical SMR or a color-match option, users can then generate a detailed PDF, including a description of the SMR, suggested applications, warranty information, the SMR number, and technical and application notes. They can share the PDF with their customers, include it in bids, and also send to their Pelco representative to initiate an order.

“All SMRs start with a request,” Blackwell said, “and customers initiate that request with their Pelco representative. Even if customers don’t see exactly what they are looking for when they browse the catalog, we encourage them to contact their representative. We will work with the reps to identify the best way to accommodate a customer’s specific need.”

What’s New in SMRs
“At recent trade shows, customers have shown great interest in new and customized mounts,” Blackwell said. “Some have expressed a need to mount multiple fixed cameras on an existing mount, where previously there was a single PTZ. Many others are looking for ways to mount multiple PTZs and/or fixed cameras on a single arm or pole. We welcome these kinds of challenges.”

Often, if one customer requires a certain customization, others will benefit from it as well. That kind of growing need has driven the usefulness of the online catalog, and it’s also driving the development of new popular SMRs. Let’s take a look at some of the latest SMRs from Pelco:

  • Corner mount for Sarix™ IL10 Value Box Camera: As IP cameras continue to be installed in more and more places, this SMR is ideal for deploying IP cameras in an elevator.
  • Stainless surface-mount and pendantmount Sarix IME Domes: This SMR delivers Pelco’s newest Sarix Enhanced Range IP Cameras in a stainless steel body designed for harsh and corrosive environments.
  • Pressurized Spectra™ HD 1080 Pendant: Similar to familiar pressurized Spectra analog systems, except now with full high-definition 1080p imaging, this SMR provides ultimate protection of the camera optics and electronics from moisture, corrosive gases, and airborne contaminants.
  • Smoke Detector Covert Mount: Ideal for law enforcement and corrections, this SMR provides a discreet mount for deploying cameras in interview rooms.

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