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The Efficiency Quotient tool is an online questionnaire that allows businesses to perform a quick and easy assessment of how they’re managing their energy.

Ever get confused about how to measure your energy consumption or whether you are taking the right steps to improve energy efficiency? You’re not alone. Most businesses are having a tough time learning how to minimize the impact of high energy costs.

The first step in addressing this energy challenge is to perform a basic assessment. Schneider Electric™, the worldwide leader in energy management, has now launched a free tool called the Efficiency Quotient (www.schneider-electric.com/efficiency-quotient). This on-line questionnaire allows businesses to perform a quick and easy assessment of how they’re managing their energy. In fact, the tool compares their business to other similar businesses and also offers advice on steps that can be taken to reduce their energy costs and improve efficiency.

Those users who input data receive their efficiency quotient “score” on a scale of 1 to 5 (a score of “5” being the highest). This score is compared with consolidated data from other “like” users who have submitted inputs. The tool offers separate assessments for building managers, data center managers, industrial plant managers, and individuals tasked with general energy management of physical infrastructure.

Global, enterprise-wide assessments are now possible
In addition, CEOs can determine their Enterprise Efficiency Quotient by encouraging their managers across the entire organization to take the survey. The scores for buildings, data centers, plants and energy infrastructures can all be compared and consolidated. The tool is translated and available in French, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Russian and Chinese which helps when performing a global assessment.

Saving money and being more efficient and sustainable are key objectives of all companies today. The Efficiency Quotient tool provides a simple, easy way for Fortune 1000 companies to better understand where and how to lower their energy bills and increase efficiency.

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