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Today’s C-level executives are under pressure. They need to drive business performance and conserve enterprise resources. But you can’t manage what you can’t see. Rising energy costs, economic uncertainty, and environmental challenges only exacerbate the problem. Creating an Efficient Enterprise™ is paramount, but how?

Executives need an efficiency and sustainability strategy driven by powerful, intelligent software that is integrated and engineered to work together. StruxureWare™ software applications and suites are the answer.

Intelligent digital technology key to optimizing energy management
Maximizing business performance remains the primary challenge for today’s executives. Sustainability issues, however, are gaining significance, and best practices must be incorporated into company strategy and operations. Many CEOs cite the complexity of implementation across functions as the most significant barrier to achieving an integrated, company-wide sustainability strategy. Here, software is the key. According to analyst group Frost & Sullivan, “The use of intelligent digital technology to optimize the performance of energy management systems offers the single biggest opportunity today to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs, while also making a significant cut in overall carbon emissions.”*

Innovative applications address specific business challenges
StruxureWare software unifies powerful applications across three levels to maximize efficiency:

  • Enterprise level: Corporate executives can drive their sustainability strategy efficiently, choosing the best scenario to conserve enterprise-wide resources. StruxureWare provides engineers and energy managers the ability to measure and control energy usage.
  • Operations level: Functional managers can optimize operations, energy, and assets through smart analytical tools, spanning multiple sites if applicable.
  • Control level: Experts, on site or remotely, can control process performance and ensure business continuity in real time while tracking energy consumption in a highly efficient and secured environment.

The StruxureWare software portfolio includes applications designed to support critical business functions, including: Sustainability Planning; Energy Management; Business Operation; Asset Management; Power Availability; Process Control; and Security.

Each application is fully functional as a standalone offer. In addition, applications will connect easily to other StruxureWare software within suites. StruxureWare suites are collections of applications developed to meet unique business needs across buildings, industrial plants, and data centres.

Open platform, easy integration deliver maximum flexibility and interoperabilityStruxureWare software provides an open, scalable platform, easy integration, and a consistent user experience. One of the secrets behind this flexibility and interoperability is EcoStruxure™ Web Services. This common “language” enables easy access to data and fast, agile integration of information from any system, platform, or outside service (such as weather or maps). In any work environment, users can receive data, create dashboards, access alarms — even collaborate with outside partners — without the need for additional software or hardware.

Control rising energy costs, meet reporting obligationsSustainability is a new business imperative; yet even as companies go green, they cannot sacrifice performance or disregard financial responsibilities. With StruxureWare software, enhanced visibility into energy and other resource use enables executives to control rising energy costs, meet reporting obligations, and keep stakeholders informed and engaged. Users get customized, actionable information that eliminates departmental silos and conflict. And, when deployed within EcoStruxure integrated system architecture from Schneider Electric™, StruxureWare software delivers significant savings on capital and operational expenses — and a healthier, more sustainable planet for all.

*Source: The Key to Cost-Effective and Sustainable Buildings: Intelligent Energy, Frost & Sullivan, 2011

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