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  • Now cut your data center project time from years to months

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Prefabricated building blocks for quick, easy deployment.

Undertaking a design-build data center project can present a myriad of challenges. From performance and compatibility issues to cost overruns and missed deadlines, these challenges can significantly impact your business.

Predictable performance and faster deployment
Schneider Electric™ now offers a solution to simplify this process. Prefabricated modules supported by global design and engineering resources give you a data center that meets performance criteria in a time frame aligned with your business needs. How quickly? We deliver in 12 to 16 weeks or less from PO to shipment — up to 60 percent faster than a traditional design-build.

This modular offer includes power, cooling, IT, and an all-in-one data center. Because the building blocks are factory tested and pre-engineered with integrated hardware and software, they arrive on-site ready to be deployed quickly and easily. By deploying only what’s needed, you can reduce upfront CapEx and add as your business grows.

Services to support your project
What’s best for you? Assessment and planning services help you determine the viability of using prefabrication. Common applications include companies that need fast and complete multi-tenant data centers or industrial and remote environments that require self-contained, single enclosure data centers.

Our design and build services include reference designs that dramatically cut down engineering time and project management that ensures hassle-free installation and construction. Engineers are available globally to customize your modules and tailor configurations as needed.

With more than 50 years experience in prefabrication, Schneider Electric is your partner to help you achieve:

  • Predictable performance: ideal density, availability, and efficiency — on time and on budget
  • Faster deployment: less decisions necessary for planning and design
  • Flexibility and scalability: various configurations of density and availability

Learn how to simplify your next data center project, download white paper #165, Types of Prefabricated Modular Data Centers.
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