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Emerging stack architectures are creating strong conditions for Schneider Electric ready‑made solutions, opening the doors to profitable opportunities for your business.

When it comes to selecting components and solutions to deploy in a data centre or office environment, how can your customers make sure they’re making the right choices? They need the guidance of an expert that can help piece everything together.

This is where you can step in as a Schneider Electric™ reseller. But deploying, for example, a virtualized IT installation can be a complicated process for just about anyone, especially in regards to data centre decisions limited by space and budget restrictions. And with so many products available to choose from today, how can you help your customers make sense of it all?

New opportunities for ready-made solutions
Emerging converged architectures are creating strong conditions for ready‑made solutions, opening the doors to profitable opportunities for your business. This is why Schneider Electric has joined forces with Cisco® and NetApp® to create an infrastructure wrap‑around for FlexPod® solutions. 

A FlexPod with Schneider Electric consists of a single, unified IT platform that’s right‑sized, preconfigured, pretested, and validated, which is then enclosed in a Schneider Electric life‑support infrastructure of hardware and management software. 

Bundled versions can be securely deployed right out of the box to reduce cost and complexity. They include:

  • FlexPod Express For Office – fully mobile, highly manageable solution for rapid deployment in to SME customers and remote offices
  • FlexPod Ready For DC – flexible and dynamic managed solution for data centres providing a single architecture

What’s more, with our Business-wise, Future-driven™ approach to effective data center management, you can give your customers peace of mind with complete system oversight and control. And because FlexPod solutions are wrapped in Schneider Electric physical infrastructure and StruxureWare™ for Data Center management, you can be confident that your customers’ IT is ready for high performance and reliability.

Simply unpack and reap the rewards
A growing number of distributors are starting to build these systems, but if you can’t wait, start using our reference designs today to build your own. By combining all the parts needed to deploy and manage your customers’ data and applications means it is then easy for them to:

1. Save time and ensure interoperability: Eliminate time-intensive activities such as designing stacks, sourcing parts, building prototypes, and performing system test and bespoke modifications, which can result in savings of up to 100 build hours upfront and up to 10 hours per month in administration.
2. Improve TCO  –   up to 50 percent saving within 2 years. Drastically reduce the number of devices, software, and separate service structures needed per component as compared to traditional non-virtualized builds, while minimizing points of failure, boosting system uptime, and lessening maintenance requirements.
3. Increase energy efficiency: Get rid of “Server Sprawl”, an overabundance of servers and storage systems that are underutilized, to reduce power loads by up to 40 percent and deliver energy savings of approximately 3.5 MWh per annum. And when it comes to cooling, saving of up to 3 tons of CO₂ per site a year is possible.
4. Reduce construction costs: Deploy right out of the box and generate an immediate return on the infrastructure part of the investment for your customers by avoiding building costs: up to $18k per site initially, plus $5 – 6k savings on refurbishment. Your customer can also benefit from additional CO₂ savings on materials not used.
5. Cut rental costs for IT space by maximizing IT real estate: With less than 10 square feet of office space required for this solution, you can save your customers up to50 square feet per site.
6. Reduce disruption on installation and relocation: Leverage highly mobile and fully prebuilt infrastructure to drastically reduce installation and relocation times to a few hours, with minimal to no downtime depending on activity.
7. Minimize need for on-site IT skills or site visits: Remotely manage, control, and monitor your customers’ IT installation, eliminating the need for skilled IT personnel and cutting travelling time and costs.

With architectures that can be so well‑defined, converged infrastructure solutions like FlexPod, and others, can help you to better predict and supply the infrastructure required to support your customers’ systems and protect their investment over the long term, which translates into future service revenue opportunities for your business.

Discover how to take your business to the next level with FlexPod from Schneider Electric solutions.
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