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  • Overcome LV electrical system challenges in harsh marine environments

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Introducing a fully optimized electrical distribution solution for demanding marine applications.

Electrical distribution systems used on ships and offshore platforms are subject to some of the harshest environmental conditions anywhere. When such critical marine infrastructure fails it can result in dire consequences. Low-voltage systems need to be specially engineered for ultra-reliable operation under these severe conditions, while delivering all the safety, longevity, and performance expected of onshore installations. And with marine-focused businesses continually striving to maximize profitability, equipment must be compact, easy to install, and simple to maintain.

Quality is the key to enhanced safety and reliability
Schneider Electric™ offers a fully optimized electrical distribution solution for demanding marine applications. The Blokset MB301M and MB401M power and motor control centers are fully type-tested and certified to IEC and DNV standards. The compartmentalized design of each cubicle ensures complete safety for personnel with a high degree of protection on all live parts. Switchboards are manufactured with the highest quality, providing a high internal arc withstand and the ability to overcome harsh marine environments so that essential equipment operates without interruption. Features such as thermal monitoring, remote condition monitoring, and compatibility with energy management and motor control systems enable staff to run power systems at optimum efficiency while making better use of maintenance resources.

Smart engineering ensures the best use of precious space
To reduce onboard mass and footprint, Blokset MB401M functional units are designed to be modular and exceptionally compact, allowing installation of up to 30 percent more motor control modules and electrical distribution feeders per cubicle. Adaptable configurations and diverse drawer sizes provide the essential cost-trimming flexibility that offshore operations need, while adding cubicles and upgrading capabilities to accommodate changing needs is simple and straightforward.

Global reach with local service
Schneider Electric offers a global network of certified partners, each conveniently located and ready to provide the local support needed to help businesses keep their electrical assets running at peak performance. Services include fast troubleshooting, upgrading and maintenance support, customized training, and the time-saving technical documentation that offshore operations need to realize all the benefits that Blokset marine switchboards provide.

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