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Now charge your smart devices – quickly and safely – from anywhere!

The dreaded low power bar—who hasn’t experienced a pang of anxiety when it suddenly appears on a mobile device? Maybe you’re using your tablet to work while on a flight. Or perhaps you’re hiking and need your smart phone for GPS navigation. The last thing you need is a low or dead battery that cuts 
off your connection.

Battery power is stretched to its limits due to high data consumption, WiFi and Bluetooth® use, and screen brightness preferences. And as smart devices age, the battery life shortens, and that means constantly being on the lookout for a power outlet.

A new way to make power portable

The APC™ by Schneider Electric™ mobile power pack is a new way to charge your smart devices — quickly and safely — from anywhere. Backed by the reliability of the APC by Schneider Electric brand, mobile power packs come with a one-year warranty. The APC by Schneider Electric mobile power pack features: 

  • Slim design: Sleek, compact profile is a comfortable addition to your everyday life. 
  • LED battery indicator: Push-button display shows available battery life at a glance. 
  • Smart charging: Saves battery life and energy by automatically shutting down when connected devices are fully charged. 
  • 2 USB ports: One to charge a tablet and another to charge a smart phone. 
  • Overload protection: Safeguards unit and battery from damage by automatically powering down in the event of a short circuit. 
  • Heat protection: Safeguards unit and battery from damage by automatically powering down when temperature is above the safe operating range. 

Save time that you used to waste charging your smart device at an outlet and stay moving and connected 24/7.

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