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Leading energy efficiency design for premium data center space

TasmaNet in Hobart was looking to meet the growing demands of enterprise and government for premium data center space. They required a best-in-class solution that would provide both maximum energy efficiency and security features that are attractive for organizations with sensitive information catalogues, such as the state police force. It also needed to be scalable in order to meet the financial and logistical demands of smaller enterprises that would want to buy space within racks, as opposed to buying an entire rack.

The Schneider Electric™ heritage in energy efficient buildings and green data centers was an important factor for TasmaNet when it approached the company to design, build and install electrical infrastructure, cooling systems, critical power and controls components for its new data center.

Intelligent solutions

Together with TasmaNet, Schneider Electric designed and built a Tier 2 plus data center with a PUE close to 1.3. This makes the center one of the most advanced data centers in Australia. The design matched solutions from two different tiered standards to ensure that the high-end data center would integrate with the existing layout of the brownfields building.

Given that TasmaNet needed to provide a premium security service for its clients, Schneider Electric leveraged skills and expertise in integrated building solutions. This saw the installation of a 24 hour security system, along with its NetBotz 24 hour monitoring and a limited entry swipe card system.

Scalability and reliability

Phase one of the project is complete with 26 racks. There is also the option to expand to 91 racks in the later planned phases. Stage one of the DC3 TasmaNet data center products/solutions include: 26 NetShelter™ SX racks with metered rack PDUs; 2.5MVA MGE Galaxy™ UPS units; APC Netbotz™ access control; large rack LCD monitoring panels; 6 InRow™ cooling units for close coupled cooling aisle containment; free cooling allows for a reduction in energy consumption; N+1 InRow cooling chilled water units; 2N chilled water path from plant to data center; and N+1 heat rejection free cooling chillers. 

“It was very important for TasmaNet to have a highly experienced partner, with energy management credentials,” said Joel Harris, TasmaNet. “Schneider Electric integrated product range and consultative solutions meant that we could deliver a cost effective, reliable data center solution that would be attractive for our client’s needs.”

 The energy management solutions provided by Schneider Electric streamlined execution and allowed TasmaNet to achieve a PUE of close to 1.3.

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