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Back-UPS keeps your WiFi up and running.

The value of power protection 

You depend on your home network and electronics every day. But at any moment, there are always threats to the power – bad weather, local accidents, surges and spikes. Any of these can knock you offline, interrupting your work or play, and can also damage your expensive electronics.

Did you know you can protect your home network and stay connected to the Internet, even if there is a power interruption or outage?

Battery backup for your home network and electronics
You may already own reliable Back-UPS™ power protection from APC™ by Schneider Electric™ to safeguard your home entertainment systems, computers, and other electronics.

But you can plug your modem and router into your Back-UPS, and keep your WiFi running, too. That means you can keep using your wireless devices for streaming video, gaming, social media, and everything else you do online, through short power disruptions.

And now, there’s also a Back-UPS line specifically designed to provide long runtimes for the low-power devices on your home network. Just plug your modem, router, VoIP phone, and smartphone or tablet charger into a new Back-UPS Connect unit, and you can:

  • Get hours of extended usage time, even if the power is out
  • Stay in contact with loved ones during an emergency or storm
  • Avoid using up your costly data plan minutes
Whatever the cause of the outage or interruption, as long as the local cable substation is not affected, your WiFi will still work!

Find the right Back-UPS power or network protection for you with our new UPS selector.
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